Patrick Kauffmann born in Denmark,
studied Media Production at Copenhagen Technical School KTS,
and Photography at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design.

Worked for the past 15 years, as a self employed photographer, based in Copenhagen.
When he is not shooting for Scandinavian magazines and corporations,
he works on his personal photographic projects,
which have been exhibited in Denmark and throughout Europe.

Corporate Clients:

BaneDanmark, Bysted HQ, DDC, DSB, HNG, IT- Telestyrelsen,
Lindhardt & Ringhof, Stena Metal, Skanska, Ørestadselskabet.


Bazar, Chili, Elle Decor, Euroman, FHM,
Politiken, Samvirke, Teknikeren, Ud & Se, W2GO, Weekendavisen.
Corporate Clients:

Fashion Clients:

Camilla Riber, Charlotte Sparre, Meisterbrau, Rene Gurskov, Shoshan, Weiz.

Selected Exhibitions:

Charlottenborg, "Forårsudstillingen", Copenhagen (1997)
Palais de La Sca, "La Vitrine" Monte-Carlo Monaco (2010)
G Spot Gallery, "A Differnet Place", Hellerup (2010)
Copydan-huset, "Plänterwald", Copenhagen (2011)
Albertslund Rådhus, "Plänterwald", Albertslund (2012)